As you know the Pinckney Family started in France, came to England in 1066, is still here and we have spread to all corners of the world.

Great Britain This site is primarily concerned with Great Britain. I estimate that there are in the region of 150 - 200 of us still here. No idea where that number came from just a finger in the air guess.
Australia I have been contacted by my third cousin Christopher who lives in Australia. His parents and grand parents emigrated in the 1970s.
Canada I have been contacted by Rod Steele who was born in England and now lives in Canada. He has details of Pinckneys who emigrated to Canada and also South Africa.
Cuba I have been contacted by Livan Pinckney who was born and lives in Cuba. I told him that it is likely that his ancestors first went to America from England and from there down to Cuba. I have no evidence to prove it, just a likely theory.
France This is where it all started back in 1066. I'm sure there are direct decendants still living there. We also have Peter who was born in England and has now emigrated to France so we've gone full circle.
New Zealand We have decendants on both North and South Islands. Their forefathers emigrated in the late 1800's from Wiltshire and are still thriving.
South Africa I have been contacted by descendants of a few members of the South Shields line who emigrated to South Africa.
The United States We have several famous decendants who emigrated to America. There are now many Pinckney's there. For further details see the links page.

I know that there are Pinckney's in Germany although I haven't heard from any of them yet. Are you a Pinckney from somewhere I haven't listed, then let me know. Either e-mail me or sign the guest book.