Alfred Baskett Pinckney

Male, Person Number247, b. 16 August 1849, d. 31 May 1937
Alfred Baskett Pinckney
1849 - 1937
Relationships3rd cousin 1 time removed of George Pinckney
1st cousin 2 times removed of Aaron Pinckney
2nd great-nephew of Robert Pinckney
9th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
21st great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
5th great-nephew of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 7 times removed of Philip Pinckney
FatherReverend William Philip Pinckney M.A. b. 22 Mar 1810, d. 17 Nov 1898
MotherEtheldred Baskett b. 21 Nov 1809, d. 11 Jan 1900

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*16 Aug 1849Alfred Baskett Pinckney was born on 16 Aug 1849 at Woburn, Eversholt, England, ; jul-aug-sep VI 119.1
Baptismafter 16 Aug 1849He was baptized after 16 Aug 1849 at Evershot, England,
He was the son of Reverend William Philip Pinckney M.A. and Etheldred Baskett
Marriage*8 Jul 1885Alfred Baskett Pinckney married Charlotte Sarah Dowell on 8 Jul 1885 at Dunton-cum-Doughton, Walsingham, England, ; jul-aug-sep 4b 481
MARRIAGE FESTIVITIES.- On Wednesday Miss Charlotte Dowell, daughter of the vicar of the parish, was married to Mr. A. B. Pinckney, architect, of Cheltenham. The day was beautifully fine, and a very large number of clergy and others from the surrounding villages were present. The pretty church had been beautifully decorated throughout (especially the chancel) with magnificent roses and other cut flowers, the lecturn and font being adorned with considerable artistic skill. The church was packed with a fashionable party. The bridegroom was attended by his best man, Mr. Wood. The bride was attended by her father and her nine bridesmaids, viz., Miss Mary and Miss Edith Dowell (sisters of the bride), Miss T. Frere and Miss Dowell (cousins of the bride), Miss Colvin, Miss Waterfield, Miss Hooper, and Miss Amy and Miss Marian Colvin. The bride was dressed in brocaded white satin, trimmed with Brussels lace, and wore a spray of white Scotch roses and long tulle veil, and carried a superb bridal bouquet. The bridesmaids' dresses were of sprayed cream muslin, trimmed with lace to match, and each carried a choice bouquet. As the bridal party entered the church the hymn, "The voice that breathed o'er Eden," was nicely sung by the choir. The service was choral, and was conducted by the late rector of Great Ryburgh, the Rev. George Tatham of St. Paul's Vicarage, East Moulsey, Hampton Court, assisted by the Rev. W. Pinckney, brother of the bridegroom. The service being concluded, Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" was played by Mr. C. Hewitt of Norwich, who presided at the harmonium. As the happy pair left the church the school children bestrewed their path with flowers. The wedding breakfast subsequently took place on the vicarage grounds, at the entrance of which was placed a banner wishing "Health and happiness to the bride and bridegroom." About seventy guests were present at the breakfast, which was of a most recherche description, and served in a spacious booth, which had been erected for the purpose. The bride received 150 presents, which were both costly and useful. The happy pair left Dunton amid showers of rice, &c., to catch the 3:40 train en route for the Channel Islands. After the bride had departed the school children and the women of the parishes of Dunton and Doughton were liberally entertained to a first-class tea, which was thoroughly enjoyed.A string band was in attendance during the day, which will long be remembered as a red-letter day in the village.

The inhabitants of Dunton and Doughton wish to return their sincere thanks for the liberality of the Rev. E.W.Dowell, and Mrs. Dowell, on the occasion of Miss Charlotte's wedding. First, for the dresses, hats, and gloves given to the children; secondly, for the beautiful tea provided at the vicarage for both women and children.2
Death*31 May 1937Alfred Baskett Pinckney died on 31 May 1937 at Bath, England, , at age 87; apr-may-jun 5c 569.3
Burial*4 Jun 1937He was buried on 4 Jun 1937 at St Swithun Church, Bathford, Bath, England, ; FindAGrave


Census1851*30 Mar 1851Alfred Baskett Pinckney appeared in the 1851 census at Trinity Parsonage, Rotherfield Greys, England, ; HO 107 / 1725.4
Census1891*5 Apr 1891He was listed as head of household in the 1891 census at The Ferns, Cheltenham, England, ; RG 12 / 2047.4
Census1901*31 Mar 1901He was listed as head of household in the 1901 census at Upper Henwick The Cedars, Worcester, England, ; RG 13 / 2777.4
Census1911*2 Apr 1911He was listed as head of household in the 1911 census at The Orchard, Bathford, Bath, England, ; RG 14 / 14738.4

Other Information

Educationbetween 1864 and 1868Alfred Baskett Pinckney was educated between 1864 and 1868 at Marlborough College, Marlborough, England,
Education*between 1868 and 1872He was educated between 1868 and 1872 at Trinity College, Cambridge, England, ; BA. 
Educationbetween 1872 and 1876He was educated between 1872 and 1876 at Trinity College, Cambridge, England, ; MA. 
Occupation5 Apr 1891He was Architect on 5 Apr 1891. 
Address*1900 As of 1900, Alfred Baskett Pinckney lived at 95 High Street, Worcester, England, ; Warwickshire Directory 1900. 
Occupation*31 Mar 1901He was Architect F.R.I.B.A on 31 Mar 1901. 
Occupation2 Apr 1911He was Architect on 2 Apr 1911. 


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