Arthur Albert Pinckney

Male, Person Number513, b. 25 December 1916, d. 6 October 2006
Arthur Albert Pinckney
1916 - 2006
Relationships3rd cousin 1 time removed of John Michael Pinckney
4th great-grandson of Joseph Pinckney
FatherGeorge Pinckney b. 30 Jun 1877, d. 1942
MotherEva Edith Mumford b. 26 Apr 1892, d. 3 Apr 1975
ChartsJoseph Pinckney of Yorkshire

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*25 Dec 1916Arthur Albert Pinckney was born on 25 Dec 1916 at West Ham, England, ; jan-feb-mar (1917) 4c 331.1
He was the son of George Pinckney and Eva Edith Mumford
Marriage*22 Dec 1945Arthur Albert Pinckney married Gladys Allsup on 22 Dec 1945 at Nelson, England, ; oct-nov-dec 8e 576.2
Death*6 Oct 2006Arthur Albert Pinckney died on 6 Oct 2006 at Nelson, England, , at age 89; Cancer of the Oesophegus. 
Cremation*12 Oct 2006He was cremated on 12 Oct 2006 at Burnley Crematorium, England, ; Read by his son George at the ceremony
Arthur Albert Pinckney was a loving husband, wonderful father and a good friend. He will be remembered as a true gentleman known for his kindness, patience, modesty, intelligence & wisdom.
Arthur was born on Christmas Day 1916 in East London, the second son of George and Edith Pinckney. He married Gladys Allsup, whom he met in Blackpool in 1940. They celebrated 60 years of happy marriage in December 2005. Dad adored mum.
Arthur was a model father to his three sons John, George and Robert, who have cherished memories of their father. Dad would willingly work long hours as a stevedore in Millwall dock to provide for his family and never wanted anything for himself.
As a boy, Dad was a keen footballer, a sport also played by all his grandchildren. Dad was asked to join West Ham United in the 1930's but turned it down because it didn't pay enough! He also loved cycling. Arthur fell off his bike and broke his arm when he was a teenager and was among the first to have a surgical stainless steel pin inserted in his elbow to repair his broken arm. His elbow was blue in colour for the rest of his life. The operation was very successful.
Arthur was always willing to help others and expected nothing in return. He would willingly mow "old folks" lawns well into his 80's. He was very proud of his work as a stevedore in Millwall docks, where he was renowned as a hard worker. Every stevedore wanted Dad in their gang. Dad was very good at mathematics - he mastered calculus at school when he was only 12 years old - and treated the stacking and storage of goods as a mathematical challenge. I always wondered what career Dad would have had if he had been born after World War II, like myself, and had not left school when he was just 14 years old.
Dad served in the Royal Engineers in World War II in France (Dunkirk evacuation), North Africa (El Alamein) and the Middle East with his brother Charlie. In those days brothers were allowed to serve in the forces together. Charlie actually rescued Dad from a blazing oil tanker in Alexandria harbour during a German stuka bombing raid. Dad had to climb down the anchor chain to be rescued. Dad didn't like to talk much about the war. It was only in the last two years or so that I learned he still had nightmares from his experiences.
Arthur moved with Gladys to Nelson in 1974 on retiring from the London docks, which were closing down as work moved to Tilbury. During retirement, he loved walks in the Lancashire countryside, tinkering in his shed, gardening, doing puzzles, and taking photographs. Arthur and Gladys have treasured memories of their many vacations to Llandudno and Canada.
Arthur died on October 6th, 2006 in Mum's arms. His dieing words were "Give me a cuddle, Gladys". He was blessed with a long, rich and, except towards the end, very healthy life. He will be greatly missed.
George Pinckney, October 12th 2006. 


Census1939*29 Sep 1939Arthur Albert Pinckney appeared in the 1939 census at 13 Portland Road, Walthamstow, West Ham, England, .

Other Information

Occupation*29 Sep 1939Arthur Albert Pinckney was a Stevedore on 29 Sep 1939. 

Children of Arthur Albert Pinckney and Gladys Allsup

Children 1.John Pinckney
 2.George Pinckney
 3.Robert Pinckney


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