James Henry Pinckney

Male, Person Number1083, b. 3 March 1793, d. 1871
Relationships1st cousin 3 times removed of George Pinckney
1st cousin of Aaron Pinckney
Son of Robert Pinckney
7th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
19th great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
3rd great-nephew of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 5 times removed of Philip Pinckney
FatherRobert Pinckney b. Jul 1754, d. 28 Jan 1807
MotherSarah Symonds b. c 1760, d. c 1800
ChartsRobert Pinckney

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*3 Mar 1793James Henry Pinckney was born on 3 Mar 1793 at Marlborough, England, ; Place taken from 1861 census. 
He was the son of Robert Pinckney and Sarah Symonds
Baptism9 Jan 1794James Henry Pinckney was baptized on 9 Jan 1794 at St Peter and St Paul, Marlborough, England,
Marriage*21 Oct 1820He married Harriet Parker on 21 Oct 1820 at St Dunstan's Church, Shoreditch, England,
Marriage*13 Jan 1866James Henry Pinckney married Sarah Clow on 13 Jan 1866 at The Parich Church, St Margaret West, England, .1
Marriage*1868James Henry Pinckney married Agnes Newnham in 1868 at Islington, England, ; oct-nov-dec 1b / 488.
Death*1871James Henry Pinckney died in 1871 at Brentford, England, ; jan-feb-mar 3a 41.2


Census1851*31 Mar 1851He was listed as head of household in the 1851 census at 4 Park Road, Paddington, England, ; HO 107 / 1466.3
Census1861*7 Apr 1861He was listed as head of household in the 1861 census at 57 Charrington Street, Pancras, England, ; RG 9 / 114.3

Other Information

Occupation31 Mar 1851James Henry Pinckney was Solicitor's Managing Clerk on 31 Mar 1851. 
(Witness) Marriage31 Aug 1861He witnessed the marriage of Henry Pinckney and Martha Henley on 31 Aug 1861 at Old Church, Pancras, England, ; jul-aug-sep 1b 157.4
Occupation*31 Aug 1861James Henry Pinckney was Law Clerk on 31 Aug 1861. 

Child of James Henry Pinckney and Sarah Clow

Child 1.Henry Pinckney+ b. 25 Jul 1838, d. 1893


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