Reverend Robert Pinckney

Male, Person Number1653, b. circa 1552, d. circa 1636
Relationships7th great-grandfather of George Pinckney
4th great-grandfather of Aaron Pinckney
3rd great-grandfather of Robert Pinckney
Great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
13th great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
2nd great-uncle of Roger Pinckney I
Great-uncle of Philip Pinckney
FatherWilliam Pynkany b. 1520, d. 1590
MotherAgnes Page d. Mar 1600
ChartsThomas Pynkeney

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*circa 1552Reverend Robert Pinckney was born circa 1552. 
He was the son of William Pynkany and Agnes Page
Marriage*before 1582Reverend Robert Pinckney married Martha Laurence, daughter of Giles Laurence, before 1582. 
Death*circa 1636Reverend Robert Pinckney died circa 1636. 

Other Information

Occupation*Mar 1572Reverend Robert Pinckney was Non-Residential Canon in Mar 1572 at Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, England,
Education*10 Jun 1572He was educated on 10 Jun 1572 at St Mary Hall, Oxford University, Oxford, England, ; B.A. 
Education5 Jul 1575He was educated on 5 Jul 1575 at St Mary Hall, Oxford University, Oxford, England, ; M.A. 
Occupation1577He was Rector in 1577 at Liddiard Milicent, England,
Occupation1579He was Rector in 1579 at Berwick St John, England,
Occupation1580He was Rector in 1580 at Rushall, England,

Children of Reverend Robert Pinckney and Martha Laurence

Children 1.Mary Pinckney b. 1582, d. a 2 Sep 1636
 2.Martha Pinckney b. c 1584, d. a 2 Sep 1636
 3.Rebecca Pinckney b. c 1590
 4.Timothy Pinckney+ b. b 1592, d. 1643
 5.Reverend George Pinckney+ b. 1593, d. 1652
 6.Theophilus Pinckney b. c 1594, d. c Apr 1659
 7.Robert Pinckney b. c 1599, d. c 1643
 8.Penenna Pinckney b. 1600, d. a 2 Sep 1636
 9.Katherine Pinckney b. c 1602
 10.Cecilia Pinckney b. 1603
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