Alexander Pinckney

Male, Person Number1851, b. 1671, d. 1744
Relationships5th great-uncle of George Pinckney
2nd great-uncle of Aaron Pinckney
Great-uncle of Robert Pinckney
4th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
16th great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
Nephew of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 2 times removed of Philip Pinckney
FatherWilliam Pinckney b. 1632, d. 22 Aug 1698
MotherAnn Pinckney b. 1635, d. 13 Feb 1709
ChartsThomas Pynkeney

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*1671Alexander Pinckney was born in 1671. 
He was the son of William Pinckney and Ann Pinckney
Baptism10 Sep 1671Alexander Pinckney was baptized on 10 Sep 1671 at All Saints Church, Charlton, England, ; parents William and Anne. 
Death*1744He died in 1744. 
Burial*25 Nov 1744He was buried on 25 Nov 1744 at St Peter's Church, Great Cheverell, England,

Other Information

Occupation*1687Alexander Pinckney was an Apprentice Grocer

Pinkney Alexander son of William, Charlton, Wiltshire, gentleman to William Baugh 7 Mar 1686/7, Grocers' Company in 1687. 
(Witness) Will3 Oct 1695He was referred to in the will of William Pinckney on 3 Oct 1695. 
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