Elizabeth Yeatman

Female, Person Number1871, b. 1600
ChartsThomas Pynkeney

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*1600Elizabeth Yeatman was born in 1600. 
Married Name1619 As of 1619,her married name was Pinckney. 
Marriage*1619She married Reverend George Pinckney, son of Reverend Robert Pinckney and Martha Laurence, in 1619. 

Other Information

Address* Elizabeth Yeatman lived at Semble, England.  

Children of Elizabeth Yeatman and Reverend George Pinckney

Children 1.Elizabeth Pinckney b. 1619
 2.Martha Pinckney b. 1623, d. a 3 Dec 1651
 3.George Pinckney+ b. c 1625, d. c Apr 1681
 4.William Pinckney b. 1627, d. 1629
 5.Ann Pinckney b. c 1631, d. a 3 Dec 1651
 6.Mary Pinckney b. c 1637, d. a 3 Dec 1651
 7.Rebecca Pinckney b. c 1640, d. a 3 Dec 1651
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