Sir Ralph De Pinkenni

Male, Person Number2040, d. 1270
Relationships16th great-uncle of George Pinckney
13th great-uncle of Robert Pinckney
5th great-uncle of Thomas Pynkeney
4th great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
11th great-uncle of Roger Pinckney I
10th great-uncle of Philip Pinckney
FatherRalph De Pinkenni
ChartsGuermond Pinckney

Birth, Marriages and Death

Sir Ralph De Pinkenni was the son of Ralph De Pinkenni
Death*1270Sir Ralph De Pinkenni died in 1270. 

Other Information

Event-Misc*Sir Ralph De Pinkenni was Donated gifts to Malmesbury Abbey. 
Name Variation Sir Ralph De Pinkenni was also known as of Shertson Parva. 

Child of Sir Ralph De Pinkenni

Child 1.Robert De Pinkenni+ d. a 1283
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