Although strictly speaking this line is part of the Wiltshire line I have created a separate list for the branch since Philip is identified as the start of a line which ended up in Eastchester, New York. This is for the benefit of our American cousins who are descended from Philip.

I found the details of this tree in an old book called "Genealogy of the Hill, Dean, Pinckney, Austin, Barker, Anderson, Rhoades and Finch families". This contained the following introduction to the Pinckney Family.

Philip Pinckney was a lineal descendant of the Pinckneys of Tattersat. Pinckney Manor, Norfolk County, England, whose ancestor came into that country at the time of William the Conqueror. As early as 1649, Philip Pinckney was in Fairfield, Conneticut. June 24, 1664, Thomas Pell granted to Philip Pinckney and James Eustis, for themselves and their associates, land on Hutchinson River, Westchester County, N.Y. March 9, 1664, the sale was confirmed by Governor Nichols unto Philip Pinckney, James Eustis and William Hayden, as patentees for and in behalf of themselves and their associates. The settlement became known as Eastchester and is now known as the City of Mt. Vernon, Westchester County, N.Y. The ten patentees were Philip Pinckney, William Hayden, James Eustis, John Hoitte, Richard Shute, David Osburn, Samuel Drake, James Embury, John Jackson and Moses Hoitte. Philip Pinckney died in 1687. His will dated January 9 1688-9, proved February 14, 1688-9, recorded March16, 1688-9, Westchester County Register's Office, mentions sons Thomas, John and William, unmarried daughters Elizabeth, Jean, Ann and Deborah, and "married daughters" not naming them. Philip spelled his name with a c and for that reason it will be spelled in that way in this genealogy.

Now, it appears that the author of this book, Franklin Couch, got some of the story wrong. A long long time ago there were some Pinckneys in Norfolk but they had long since moved away by the time Philip went to Eastchester. There are no known Pinckney families in Norfolk at this time. I have some further information supplied by my good friend Earl Smith who is a descendant of Philip Pinckney. Apparently the information in the book was first published by the Rev. Robert Bolton in his book on the history of Westchester County in 1881. Bolton uses as his source Bloomfield's History of Norfolk, vol 5 pp 5 and 6 in which is mentioned the Manor of Pinkeny between 1238 and 1400. This is a very vague reference to some Pinckney's in the UK and there is no proof that Philip was in any way descended from this line.

We believe that Philip was actually the son of the Rev. Philip Pinckney of Dinton. Our reason for this assumption is that the eldest son of the family, Henry, left a will. In that will he left "To my brother Philipp in New England, 5". Philip Pinckney lived in Faifield Conneticut (New England) since 1649. We do not know of any other Philip Pinckney who was in New England at this time. I have only entered a few generations on the web site but the pages from the book contain many more and are include here for interest. Title Page Page 70 Page 71 Page 72 Page 73 Page 74 Page 75 Page 76 Page 77 Page 78 Page 79 Page 80 Page 81 Page 82 Page 83

Hannah  b. c 1662
Ithamar  b. c 1680
Elizabeth  b. c 1683
Jane  b. 1629
Abigail  b. c 1664
Abigail  b. c 1685
David  b. c 1665
Richard  b. c 1683
Sarah  b. c 1681
Ada  b. c 1690
John  b. c 1688, d. c 1690
John (Honourable)  b. c 1665, d. 1700
Mary  b. c 1694
Tarnar  b. c 1692
Thomas  b. 1686, d. 1739
Abigail  b. c 1665
Abigail  b. c 1693
Ann  b. c 1669
Charles  b. 21 Nov 1751
David  b. 1761, d. 17 May 1826
Deborah  b. c 1668
Elizabeth  b. c 1666
Ferris  b. c 1689
Gilbert  b. 3 May 1743, d. 1818
Hannah  b. c 1689
Isabella  b. c 1697
Israel  b. c 1704, d. 1765
Israel  b. c 1735, d. 7 Jan 1829
Ithamar  b. c 1706
Jane  b. c 1667
Jane  b. c 1692
Jane  b. c 1714
Jemima  b. c 1710
Jemima  b. c 1741
John  b. c 1664, d. b 1725
John  b. 1741, d. 1744
John  b. 12 Jul 1746, d. 8 Jan 1836
Jonathan  b. c 1687
Jonathan  b. c 1730
Mary  b. c 1695
Mary  b. c 1708, d. 1777
Miriam  b. c 1733
Phebe  b. c 1743
Philip  b. 7 Mar 1618, d. 28 Feb 1687
Philip  b. c 1685
Philip  b. c 1738
Philip  b. 20 Oct 1749
Rachel  b. c 1670
Samuel  b. c 1687
Sarah  b. c 1691
Sarah  b. c 1712, d. 1769
Sarah  b. c 1736
Sarah  b. c 1739
Susanah  b. c 1691
Thomas  b. 1662, d. 1732
Thomas  b. 1683
Thomas  b. Feb 1729
William  b. c 1663
William  b. 1680, d. 11 Mar 1755
William  b. c 1685
William  b. c 1702, d. 1746
William  b. 12 Jan 1737, d. 26 Mar 1802
Sarah  b. c 1690