Information about some family 'Treasures' I've come across. Not treasures in the monetary sense but personal items which I think are wonderful and should be treasured.

The first item concerns Lucy Pinckney. Lucy was born in about 1815. There is very little known about Lucy and her family unfortunately. However, I have been contacted by her Great Great Great GrandDaughter Frances and she has sent me a photo of an embroidery sampler created by Lucy in 1828. It has two enscriptions, the first reads

Lucy Pinckney
Aged 13 Years

The second is the main central enscription and it reads

Behold the Labour of my Tender Age
The Work that did my Studious Hours Engage
With Anxious care I did those Colours Place
To Gain A Smile From my Dear Parents Face
Whose Care and Patience I Again Entreat
Hoping Encouragement to Meet
Pray Give my Little Merits all their Due
For all my Pleasure is in Pleasing You

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The second item concerns William John Pinckney. William was born in Eversholt in 1845. I have very kindly been sent a photo of what looks to me to be a hand painted drawing which was given to William as a present when he was only just over 3 years old. The inscription reads

William John Pinckney
the gift of Wm Levi - July 1848

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At present I have no idea who William Levi was, he may well have been a close friend of the family.

The next item is a mug that I found on a Auction web site. It is the christening mug of Evelyn Emma Pinckney. It is described as follows
of flared cylindrical shape, engraved with foliage, on foliate foot
with leaf capped handle, 10cm h, by Hamilton & Co of Calcutta, c1860
The inscription reads: Evelyn Emma Pinckney from her Godfather C H Reilly

I have no idea who eventually bought the mug or for how much.

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The next item is a cup that I found on a Bradford Upon Avon Museum web site. It is described as follows

The Pinckney Cup was presented to the former County Technical School (later Fitzmaurice Grammar School) in 1927 by Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney, a Justice of the Peace and captain of local volunteer soldiers. It was awarded for boys’ athletics at the school’s annual sports day. It is one of several trophies from the school that are now in the Museum.

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