Others who have provided valuable information. I'd like to thank everyone for providing information and helping my with this task.

First of all I need to state that many images like Census and Birth, Marriage and Death indexes have been obtained from official sites for which I pay a subscription. Two sites in particular are www.1837online.co.uk, I have written permission from them to reproduce items but they are not to be copied. Secondly, www.ancestry.co.uk has a Terms & Conditions page which states that copies may be made available but only for personal sites like this and again they are not to be copied.

I'd like to personally thank the following people for contributing information to this site. In alphbetical order, they are -

George Bowen

For contributing information about the Wiltshire branch and for providing me with details of Pinckney's buried in St Peter's Church, Charlton St Peter, Wiltshire. I have now visited George on a few occasions and visted many churches in wiltshire.

Bob Ellerton

For contributing information about some of his distant relatives by marriage and for allowing me to use the photograph of Rose Pinckney from his site.

Valerie Estall

Valerie has provided information for the Henry (b1845) line from the West Ham area including copies of certificates and some lovely family photographs.

Michael Kearley

For contributing information about his mother's part for the family from southampton.

John Lane

John only has slight connections to the Pinckney family. I managed to help him to identify which Philip Pinckney was buried in St John's church in Berwick St John in Wiltshire. John has supplied me with some photographs which are now on the memorials page and other details about the Berwick St John line of the family.

Maxine Pritchard

For contributing information about her father Frank Thomas and for providing me with a photograph of him.

Peter Pinckney

Now living in France Peter has supplied me with much information about his family and amazingly his Great Grand Father turns out to be the same Henry (b1845) that Valerie has supplied information for. The site is beginning to work.

Samantha Pinckney and her Grandparents Gordon and Yvonne

Yvonne has given me information to fill in some very important gaps in my personal part of the tree. We have managed to work out thet we are actually related. I have visited them and had a lovely weekend of their hospitality.

Jeff Settle

For providing important evidence regarding the marriage of my Great Great Great Grandfather. Also for supplying photos of members of his line of the family.

Earle Smith

For contributing much about the Wiltshire line of the family including a Family Tree chart going back to 1066 and a 270+ page book entitled The History of The Pinckney Family.

Christina Smith

Christina has supplied me with information about the family line who emigrated to New Zealand in the late 1800s.

Rod Steele

Now living in Canada Rod's mother was born a Pinckney and he has the full family trees for those Pinckney's who emigrated to both Canada and South Africa. I have now been to visit Peter's parents and echanged information about their line of the family originating in South Shields.

Steve Walter

For providing evidence of the claim to the scottish throne by Robert Pinckney.

Fernand Pinckney

Fernand is my 2nd cousin once removed. He has provided lots of great details including photos and documents for his line of the family based on his Grandfather Frederick.

Brenda Moffat and Jane Werthman

Brenda and Jane are related and belong to the Esh (Durham) line of the family and have been extremely kind and provided valuable information on their line enabling me to take that line back many generations.