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1837 online
This is where all the Birth, Death and Marriage indexes are held. I have very kindly been given permission by the Head Of Operations to include images from here on my site so that you can view them.

You will need to go to this site in order to download the Browser image viewer plug-in which you will need in order to view the images. Don't worry it's a very painless process and is explained in full on the site.

General Register Office
Once you have your index information, if you then want to order a copy of the actual certificate, this is where to go.
1901 Census on-line
This was the start of all my work, all the details contained in the 1901 census are now included in my site.
Documents Online
Wills from 1591 to 1856 are stored here in pdf format. I intend to include these at some point. Click on Family History under Browse Categories, then on Wills. A screen will then appear allowing you to put in Pinckney in the surname. There are about 56 available, I've downloaded a couple and they make very interesting reading.
The Digital Library of Historical Directories
This site allows you to search through historical directories. These are things like Post Office Directories which tell you who lived where. They also list trades and business premises and that kind of thing. You can find out what members of your family used to do. I've found details of Banks owned by Pinckney's and I also found out one of my ancestors owed a shop which I didn't know before.
Ellis Island
Some Pinckney's emigrated to America. This site holds information on all those who went via New York. You can search by just putting Pinckney in the search box. This will give you a list of names and dates but not much else. If you then register, which is free, and only needs a name and e-mail address, you can then select the hyper-link on the name and see lots more. For example, you can see a picture of the ship and the actual ship's manifest which has lot's of useful information. The manifests cover all people entering the port whether they were emigrating or worked on a ship entering port of were American citizens returning from abroad.

Pinckney's on the Web

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Enter Pinckney in the Surname field and press the search button. Each person on my site has a link on their page to their Certificate on this site. It gives lots of details including when they were killed and where they are burried.
The Old Bailey
Enter Pinckney in the Surname field and press the search button. We've not been too bad really.
The Diary of Samuel Pepys
This online version of the book has several references to Pinckney with various spellings. Just put Pinckney or Pinkney or Pinkny in the search box. There are several inaccurate comments added by people which I intend to correct at some stage. I think I have identified the Pinckney's in question, there are three altogether.
British History Online
This site contains a huge wealth of information about the British Isles. For us the main information if contains are parlimentary papers from the House of Commons and House of Lords going back to 1600s. If you go to the search page and type in Pinckney and press Search. There are hundreds of entries to look at. Some lead to transcripts that you can read some just point you to library references and you'd have to presumably go there and request the documents yourself
Flight Global Aviation Magazine
This site covers all things aviation. If you go to the main page and type in Pinckney and press Search. Then on the results go to the "All results" tab there are over 30 entries. These are pdf pages from old editions of Flight / Flight Internaional magazine


Pinckney Family
There is a branch of the family in American
United States Constitution
Two of our ancestors signed the United States Constitution as representatives of state of South Carolina
Pinckney, Michigan
There is a town is the American state of Michigan called Pinckney
USS Pinckney
There is a United States Navy Destroyer called USS Pinckney

Friends and Family

Peter Pinckney
Myspace containing Music from Peter's band Aubrey Small and fantastic Images by Peter
Andy Biggs
Is he related to Ronnie Biggs, who knows
Graham Calkin
My friend Graham has his own family tree site
Andy Biggs
Is he related to Ronnie Biggs, who knows