The origins of the Pinckney Family

This is where the story started for us all.

The Pinckney (and Pinkney) families originated from a place in the Picardy region of northern France called Picquigny (spellings vary). Just go to Google and search for Picquigny. It is still there.

Guermond was Seigneur de Picquigny, he was married to Adela and they lived in the castle there. They had six children.

  • Ansculf de Picquigny
  • Guermond. Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.
  • Eustace. Succeeded his father as Seigneur de Picquigny.
  • Jean. Archdeacon of Amiens
  • Ghilo de Picquigny

A quote from The History of the Pinckney Family -

"There is well established evidence that the Lords of Picquigni had been in power in France for several centuries. The Duchess of Cleveland writes: "A castle that had existed there (at Picquigni) as early as the eighth century became the head of a barony to one of the greatest houses in the north of France, maternally derived from Charlemagne." The Picquigni family continued under the headship of its "Vidomes" who were among the magnates of mediaeval France, hereditary officers of the Bishops of Amiens, and their former abode in that city is still known as Le Vidome."

It was Ansculf and Ghilo who came to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror. Although the family are from Picquigny they also owned lands in Vernon sur Seine in South Normandy and that meant that the Duke of Normandy (William) was thus their Lord Paramount.

The Battle Abbey Roll has inscribed on it the names of "Anscoul de Picquigni" and "Guillaume de Picquigni". The Domesday Book shows the vast lands bestowed on the brothers by William in recognition of their services.