Pinckney Family Photographs
I would like to invite you all to send in photgraphs of your ancestors (and yourselves if you so wish). I would like to get a head and shoulders shot of as many Pinckney's as possible. I think it makes the web pages so much more interesting if you can see who the page is all about.

I will accept any medium, electronic or post. I will of course return any sent by mail but for your own peace of mind I would suggest using e-mail.

What I will do is then take a copy of the whole photo for my own records and then extract individual photos to go on to that person's web page. Here is an example. This is the only photograph that our family has of our grandparents Edward and Florence. Beside it are the two shots I extracted to use on their web pages. Click on the links to see the images on their web pages, I hope you will agree that it pages the pages 'come alive'. To see other example go to one of the index pages and where you see the image next to a name it means that there is a photgraph for that person.

Here are some other examples submitted by some very kind Pinckneys. I have many more. Please please join in and share you photos with all of us.