Pinckneys who have excelled at sport

The two most famous sporting areas I've found so far for the Pinckney family are The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships.

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

The Boat Race started back in 1829 and has become an annual event watched by millions around the world. A number of Pinckneys have taken part in the race. Here are the details I have found.
1854Exact date unknownOxfordWonWilliam PinckneyUnknown11st 2lb
Race details unknown
1868Saturday 4th AprilCambridgeLostWilliam John PinckneyStroke10st 10lb
OXFORD WON by 6 lengths. Time 20 minutes and 56 seconds
1881Friday 8th AprilOxfordWonRobert Arthur Pinckney211st 3lb
OXFORD WON by 3 lengths. Time 21 minutes and 51 seconds

The 1881 Oxford Boat Crew

For further details see, the above details taken from 1860s 1880s. Some detail also found on Wikipedia.

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships

The most famous sporting Pinckneys that I have come across so far are Violet Millicent Pinckney and her elder brother William Percy Pinckney. Violet had the bigger career. Violet and William both played tennis. I've managed to find many references to Violet's career. Here is what I've managed to find out so far.

2nd August 1903German Open, HamburgBeat H Meyer (Germany)6/2 6/1
23rd June 1906Championship of EuropeLost to May Sutton (America)6/0 7/5
22nd June 1907London ChampionshipsBeat Dorothea Dougless Chambers (Britain)2/6 6/3 6/4
14th September 1907South of England ChampionshipsLost to Agnes Morton5/7 6/1 6/2
In 1908 Violet played Tennis for England at the Olympics. This may be the result below but I am unsure at the moment
6th May 1908Queen's Club, LondonLost to Gladys Eastlake-Smith7/5 7/5
20th June 1908London ChamionshipsBeat Dorothea Dougless Chambers6/3 6/2

Wimbledon Championships

Both Violet and William played at the Wimbledon Championships between 1903 and 1924. I have contacted the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and they have sent me the details of their matches which I have reproduced here with their kind permission.

Violet Pinckney, Ladies Singles
1904Bye 1Won 
Marie-Louise de PfoeffelFRA2Won6/0 6/3
GreeneGRB3Lost2/6 6/3 3/6
1906BromfieldGBR1Won6/0 3/6 7/5
SargeantGBR2Won6/1 6/4
LaneGBR3Won7/5 6/1
Charlotte SterryGBRQLost4/6 2/6
1908BosworthGBR1Won6/3 6/2
Mildred ColesGBR2Won7/5 6/2
Penelope BoothbyGBRQLost1/6 4/6
1914BakerGBR1Won6/1 6/1
Helen AitchisonGBR2Lost3/6 0/6
1920Bye 1Won 
Warburg 2Won6/1 6/2
HardingGBR3Won6/0 6/0
1922Dorothy HolmanGBR1lost1/6 2/6
1923Bye 1Won 
Kathleen LidderdaleGBR2Lost9/7 2/6 5/7
1925Southam 1Won9/7 6/2
Marguerite BilloutFRA2Lost4/6 2/6

Violet Pinckney, Ladies Doubles
1914Marguerite BroquedisBye1Won 
Greenhough Smith and Barclay2Won6/1 6/2
Nesham and SchmitzQWon6/1 6/2
Ethel Larcombe and Edith HannamSLost2/6 0/6
1922Elizabeth MacreadyPlatt and Radcliffe1Lost6/3 3/6 2/6
1923Elizabeth MacreadyBye1Won 
May and van Praagh2Lost1/6 6/8
1924Hilary StebbingBye1Won 
Evelyn Colyer and Joan Austin2Lost1/6 2/6

William Pinckney, Gentlemens Singles
1903Charles SimondGBR1Lost3/6 7/5 4/6 3/6
1914Neville WillfordGBR1Lost3/6 7/9 4/6
1920Neville DeedGBR1Won6/4 6/4 6/1
Maurice BlythmanGBR2Won6/2 6/1 6/1
Henry MayesGBR3Lost0/6 7/5 5/7 3/6
1921Montagu TempleGBR1Lost1/6 1/4 Retired
1922Donald RutnamIND1Lost3/6 3/6 5/7

Violet and William Pinckney, Mixed Doubles
Alfred Beamish and Winifred Beamish2LostWalk Over
1922Alfred Beamish and Winifred Beamish1LostWalk Over

Violet was also mentioned in the book "Lawn Tennis For Ladies by Mrs Lambert Chambers" published in 1910. Here are the photos of Violet from the book.

Violet On Tour

Violet and Mr G Hillyard

Violet and Friends

Violet's signature

Grand Western Archery Society

I recently was sent this photo which states "G.W.A.M. THE WINNING COUNTY TEAM, WILTSHIRE
Miss Pinckney, Mrs Tyndale Powell, Miss E Macdonald, Miss L Awdry"
Through research I found a reference to Mary Pinckney at The Devon History Society which mentions the G.W.A.M. Archery club.