There have been a number of books printed about various members of the Pinckney family so I thought it about time I had a page to show them to you. Only a few are available in print now. Some are very old and are now out of print, others have never been officially printed or only printed for private use.
If you know of any other books that I could get hold of please let me know. If you have a book not listed here which is not available I would be very grateful if I could borrow it to read and I will add it's details to this page.
I do not own all the books listed here (unfortunately) some have very kindly been lent to me and have been returned to their original owners. In particular the book about Eliza Pinckney is now well over a hundred years old and it was a privilege to be able to read it. I'm very grateful to it's owner for lending it to me.
Who the book is about Details of the book Publishing details
Eliza Lucas Pinckney
b1722 - d1793

Eliza Pinckney
Women of Colonial and Revolutionary Times

To the Memory of
my Father's Sister Miss Eliza Lucas Rutledge
by whose courage and piety
these letters
were saved from the flames
this book is
affectionately dedicated
by Harriott Horry Ravenel
Charles Scribner's sons, 1896
Eliza Lucas Pinckney
b1722 - d1793

The Letterbook of
Eliza Lucas Pinckney
1739 - 1762

by Elise Pinckney and Marvin R Zahniser
University of South Carolina Press, 2004
ISBN 1-57003-186-X
Roger Pinckney
b1735 - d1776

Roger Pinckney
of England and South Carolina
a Family History

I enjoin not only upon my sons, but upon any of my family into
whose hands these records may come, that they take copies of them,
that they may be preserved and handed down, as in this country
authenticated family history is very rare, and very soon lost in the
scattering and disintegrating of families.
Robery Quash Pinckney II, 1895
Ellen Gray Hawkins
H.W. Hawkins, Publisher, 2000
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 00-91217
Thomas Pinckney
b1750 - d1828

Life of
General Thomas Pinckney

signed inside the front cover
Erlysman Pinckney Esq
with very kind regards
of Author
July 31 1895
by His Gransdson
Rev. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney D.D.
The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1895
Charles Pinckney
b1757 - d1824

Forgotten Founder
The Life and Times of
Charles Pinckney
Mary D Matthews
University of South Carolina Press, 2004
ISBN 1-57003-547-4
George Pinckney
b1863 - d1948

Eight Daughters,
Three Sons
Glenaray, Southland

To the descendants of
George and Edith Pinckney
and all the men and women
who have worked on
Barbara Harper
A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1975
ISBN 0-589-0900-1
Philip Hugh Pinckney
b1915 - d1943
David John Colin Pinckney
b1918 - d1942

Your Uncles

Dear Children,
If it had not been for two world wars, you would have
had four uncles who we know would have been a constant
delight and pleasure to you. They were all remarkable,
each in his own way; they lived happy lives and took
brave parts in the wars in which they fought.

Time is a great healer of our sorrows, but it also blots
out our memories, and so before the lives of your uncles
are forgotten, we are writing them down so that you may
have a record of them to keep. We know that you will be
inspired by what you read, and that not only will you be
thrilled by their adventures, but their memories will be
proud possessions of yours.

Alas, they are not with us to come and visit you or to
give you that half-crown which they would have done;
nor have they families which would have been your
cousins. Nevertheless you will have as a guide lives which
were well and truly lived.
Roger and Anne Gresham Cooke
Privately Printed and Published 1950

of the
Pinckney Family

Researched and Compiled c1920 - 1954 by
Miss Euphemia Smith
Former Governess of
Winifred Hill (1880 - 1976)
(Mrs. John Robert Hugh Pinckney)
Miss Euphemia Smith
Never published but available in full
here on this web site

Back Over Home
The Heritage of Pinckneys
of Pinckney Colony
Blufton, South Carolina

To The Future Generations of Pinckneys
May they cherish the land,
have a feel for music and dance,
and a love for God, Country, and their fellowman
Mary Pinckney Powell
R.L.Bryan Company, Columbia
South Carolina, 1996
See chapters on pages 178 and 221 Ancestors
& Descendants
Sarah Eleanor Ladue
Compiled By Mrs Grant Ridout
Mrs Albert W Harris
Privately Printed